Shaun's Jukebox #5: Welcome to Broadway

I won't bore you with my usual spiel about how much I love Broadway, but to mark the return of Shaun's Jukebox after 18 months away, I thought I'd introduce you to some of Broadway's latest cast albums: one is a new version of a personal favourite show, while two of them are completely brand-spanking new. Let's hope you find something new to listen to today!

I absolutely love Falsettos, mainly because I love everything by Bill Finn, so when this new cast recording was released, I was all over it like ants on a hot summer's day. This cast, for starters, is so dreamy that I don't know where to begin: I have the biggest crush known to man on both Andrew Rannells and Brandon Uranowitz; I saw Christian Borle in his Tony-winning Something Rotten! performance and loved him, plus he's always been an absolute idol; Stephanie J. Block and Betsy Wolfe are beyond talented; Tracie Thoms is a Rent goddess. All in all, there is nothing to dislike about this cast recording. Plus the music is fucking ace! The best songs? This is like asking me to pick my favourite child. For something a bit different, try 'Marvin at the Psychiatrist', 'I'm Breaking Down' and 'This Had Better Come To A Stop'... Oh, and try 'Marvin Hits Trina', 'Father to Son' and 'A Day In Falsettoland'. Oh, and try- okay, I'll stop.*

I feel like In Transit passed by everyone so fast that it didn't even get a chance to be appreciated, so about two weeks ago, I sat down to properly re-listen to the cast recording since the first time it came out and I was absolutely blown away. Not only is it fantastic how, of course, all of the music is created by the human voice alone, but the songs themselves are outstanding and have been going around in my head for days on end. Most songs follow standard themes like date nights, while others have a theme to them that matches their spunky sense of possibility and hope. It's an album that I'm so glad I went back to to fall properly in love with and I look forward to continuing to do so for the foreseeable future. My picks: 'Deep Beneath The City/Not There Yet', 'Do What I Do' and 'Saturday Night Obsession'. As soon as you listen to them, you won't get them out of your head, so consider yourself warned.

Okay, I know I need not shove this Tony Award-winning Best Musical down your throats any more than the next guy but, honestly, I hated this album when I first listened to it. It wasn't until I went back to listen to it for a second time that I really started to fall for the music and some songs in particular. I'm not there yet in being obsessed with every element of the album, but there are definitely some personal favourites on that listing that I have been playing non-stop for months now. Those picks? Of course, the now-iconic 'Waving Through A Window' which Ben Platt sounds amazing on, as we all well know. In addition are 'For Forever', 'Sincerely, Me' and 'You Will Be Found'. I also love the opening 'Anybody Have A Map?', too.

What are your new favourite cast recordings at the moment? Be sure to tweet me and let me know at @shaunycat over on Twitter and then check out the rest of the Shaun's Jukebox posts, too.

*The cast recording for Falsettos isn't available on YouTube so song links are not provided.

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