Review: Ruth Rendell's A JUDGEMENT IN STONE at the Aylesbury Waterside, UK Tour

I have a very hit-and-miss relationship with stage show murder mysteries: The Mousetrap I hated, but stage versions of other Agatha Christie stories I have liked. I think there is something very important about the play that needs to work - the level of suspense to keep me entertained all night - and unfortunately, that element is not working in this play.

Review: THE GIRLS at the Phoenix

Unlike the rest of Britain, I do not like Gary Barlow's music all too much, so when I heard that he was the man behind the musicalisation of the classic British story Calendar Girls, I was kind of disappointed to say the least. But that's a feeling that ran for the hills and I deeply regret after having seen this show, as it really is one of the best British musicals I have seen in years.

Those Dancing Feet: 42ND STREET at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane

I used to be obsessed with the original cast recording of 42nd Street many years ago, so the news of the revival hit me with a wave of nostalgic excitement; I still even have a vinyl record of the album and listen to it regularly to lift my spirits. But there was something about this revival that didn't fill me with that passion or love for the show and I'm kind of alone in thinking it.

A Veritable Thrill: GANGSTA GRANNY by David Walliams at the Aylesbury Waterside, UK Tour

My main motivation for going to see Gangsta Granny at the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre was because my 11 year old stepsister had been dying to go, so I reluctantly said we could and along we went. What I wasn't expecting though was an evening that even myself and my stepmother found enjoyable, despite the fact that we are far older than the show's target audience!

Review: Lindsey Ferrentino's UGLY LIES THE BONE at the National Theatre, Lyttelton

It's rare that I see something at the National and end up being disappointed in it, but in a season of shows like the ones that the NT are producing right now, there really has been a lot that has been sub-par in comparison to their bigger works. Unfortunately, Ugly Lies The Bone by Lindsey Ferrentino is a prime example of just that and it's a shame to see.