The 10 Best Plays of 2016

As I said earlier, I made 100 theatre visits in 2016 and almost 50% of them were to see incredible new plays in London. Some were artistic and inspiring, but some were equally dull and dry. Here, I have sifted through those 48 new plays I saw this year and decided on 10 of the best. And as you might notice, a majority of them after from the National Theatre or the Royal Court...

10 - Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Palace Theatre

 I really didn't want to fall for this one, but I did. The script might not be the best thing on the planet, but this show's massive budget allowed for its staging to be pure magic.

9 - Nice Fish at the Harold Pinter Theatre

This was one of my most anticipated plays of the year when I looked ahead last year and it did not disappoint. Rylance's script was just as good as his performance and I loved it.

8 - Nell Gwynn at the Apollo Theatre

I bloody love Gemma Arterton and Jessica Swale wrote a fantastic piece to go with her. It was one of the most enjoy theatre trips I made this year.

Pulitzer Prize-winner Suzan Lori-Parks gave a talk back session after the performance I attended and that really reminded me of how powerful and artistic this piece of art really is.

6 - The Suicide at the National Theatre, Lyttelton

I was even surprised that this play captivated me like it did, but it was probably one of the best and most intelligent dark comedies that I saw this year.

5 - The Comedy About a Bank Robbery at the Criterion Theatre

I didn't really think much of Mischief Theatre before this play, but this show managed to balance slapstick with story perfectly and I genuinely laughed out loud.

4 - Hand to God at the Vaudeville Theatre

I was rooting for this show even when no one else was listening. People may well have disliked it and it may well have closed early as a result, but I thought it was comic genius.

3 - The Flick at the National Theatre, Dorfman

There's a real reason this play won a Pulitzer. With a running time of nearly four hours, this play was a perfect example of naturalism at its most ideal and shone for it.

2 - X at the Jerwood Theatre Downstairs, Royal Court

This play was wacky to say the least and even though the ending was 10 minutes of the actors repeatedly saying "X", it has stuck with me for months and months since.

1 - People, Places and Things at Wyndham's Theatre

I saw this play twice - sat on stage front row both times - and it was beyond my wildest dreams. By far the best and most exhilarating piece of theatre I have ever seen.

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