Laugh Out Loud Funny: Nina Conti's IN YOUR FACE, UK Tour (at the Aylesbury Waterside)

I first discovered Nina Conti through TV appearances and internet videos and found her style and humour really funny. It's so British to watch a comedian rip into other people, but there is something so much more funny about Conti doing it through different voices and characters that she creates; her ability to be entirely herself yet entirely another character totally endears and entertains me.

If you've seen some of Nina Conti's television appearances then you'd understand what her act is about. She takes her talent for ventriloquism and makes it comedic by creating very crude puppet characters, one being her famous sidekick Monkey. Monkey is a puppet who lives in Nina's bag and constantly likes to ask people about their lives and be as nosey and as rude as possible. It's hilarious and the fact that the show is heavily improvised means that the ever-changing jokes never stop being funny. It's a gag that could be easily taken badly if Conti was making them herself, but the fact that it's done be a puppet that she characterises perfectly makes it forgivable and even funnier.

Her main comedy stint though is when she asks audience members to come up on the stage and put on one of her mouth masks. When the person is wearing the mask, Conti can control the jaw's activity with a controller that she holds in her hand as she mimics voices and opinions over the top. The things that she says are barbaric and ridiculous and they have everyone in stitches; it was especially funny yesterevening when she made one lady pick up a guitar and improvise some chords over the top and she had no idea how to play.

Nina Conti and Monkey in a promo shot for her In Your Face UK tour.

If you've seen Nina Conti before and find her funny, or even if you're just looking for a good night out with a lot of laughs, In Your Face is the show for you. It's light humour than any teenager or adult would enjoy and Conti is a delight as per usual.

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