Oh What A Celebration! #WICKED10 at the Apollo Victoria Theatre

I don’t know if I’ve ever reviewed Wicked before; obviously, considering I first saw the show a long time before I started blogging, I didn’t exactly manage to write down my opinions from my first visit, so I thought now would be as good a time as any to give you a rundown of what I think of the show in general, my journey with it over the past decade and how fantastic the 10th anniversary celebration was the other evening.

Truly Hilarious: THE COMEDY ABOUT A BANK ROBBERY at the Criterion

I saw The Play That Goes Wrong - Mischief Theatre's other big hit currently playing in the West End - last year... and I hated it. There was something about how ridiculously over the top the show was that made me feel like my level of humour was being insulted slightly; to me, humour isn't funny if it's too obvious, because I think that it has to be well-written and witty and that's what this play is.

Pre-Broadway Sneak Peek: Tim Minchin's GROUNDHOG DAY at The Old Vic

From the moment that this new Tim Minchin musical was announced, I was excited to see what he would do with the source material; the story is literally a repeat of the same events over and over again and I feared that it would be a boring concept when it came to the stage. It appears though that I totally undermined the creative team's genius abilities and that's a fact that I'm very proud to state.

Almost There: Robert J Sherman's BUMBLESCRATCH: A NEW MUSICAL at the Adelphi

It's hard to review a show when it's in the performance state that Bumblescratch is in: it's important to remember that while this was a performance, it was most definitely more of a glorified public showcase of the work that has been done so far. It's actually a shame that they ask for reviews at this stage because the show is clearly a far cry from the West End just yet.


Before we even begin, I need to warn you that this review will contain a few small spoilers and a basic summary of the opening of the play's plot. If you're yet to see the play or read the book, I highly recommend that you come back to this review after you have done, because the play is even more magical if you go into it knowing absolutely nothing.