#SMMPick - Top 10 London Ticket Picks for July/August

The old #SMMPick system really wasn't working for me: it was hard to keep each round up post fresh and different when not that many new things open in the space of a week. So, to rectify the issue, I've decided to make it slightly less irregular from now on... As per usual, recent reviews that are branded as being an #SMMPick are automatically a part of the round up post.

This show has been around now for well over a year and a half, but there is something about it that still makes me happy to this day. Every time I put on the original Broadway cast recording or I see an advertisement for the show in the street, I'm immediately reminded of how much love I have for the show. Though I haven't seen the show in a while, I've heard that the show's current cast are just as sublime as the originals. If you like a night of fun music and a touching story, Beautiful is perfect.

Cassidy Janson stars as Carole King in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

If you're looking for a truly classic musical that offers the same kind of stuff as Beautiful, then Show Boat is an ever better option. This transcendent revival of one of the world's first ever musicals may well be slow at times, but it's a forgettable factor in the heart of this well-oiled musical machine. The already stunning score is bettered by the vocals of Emmanuel Kojo, Gina Beck and the rest of the cast and it's a show that should not be missed before it sails away next month.

When I saw Guys and Dolls at the Savoy, I didn't enjoy the show very much at all; while the production was aesthetically pleasing, I found this incarnation to be very slow and considering I find the book of this musical boring in the first place, it didn't help. Though I turned down chances to see the show on repeat visits, I'm now dying to get back in there to catch Hollywood starlet Rebel Wilson as Miss Adelaide. It's a casting that is undoubtedly perfect and a fantastic celebrity casting if there ever was one.

Rebel Wilson takes on the iconic role of Miss Adelaide in Guys and Dolls at the Phoenix until August 21st

7 - Jesus Christ Superstar (Regent's Park Open Air Theatre, until August 27th)
I love this show anyway so it's no surprise that the Open Air Theatre's revival of this show is on this list. I cannot wait to get my teeth into this production that I am sure will be spectacular as all of the Open Air Theatre's shows are. Declan Bennett blew me away when I saw him in Once and I am sure that his chops will blow everyone away again in this.

6 - Titanic (Charing Cross Theatre, until August 12th)
I don't like the Titanic musical and I haven't done since I first discovered it almost a decade ago during my obsessive-Titanic-movie stage, but I have heard such good things about this show that I've decided to get off my high horse and go and see it. Everything I have heard about this production (a transfer from the Southwark Playhouse) has been overwhelmingly positive and the new and improved Charing Cross Theatre is a space I've been looking forward to exploring for a while (namely because of the upcoming Ragtime revival, one of my most anticipated shows of 2016!)

5 - The Truth (Wyndham's Theatre, until September 3rd)
When Florian Zeller's latest play The Truth started performances at the Menier, rave reviews came in and I wasn't intrigued. In fact, I really haven't been interested in any of Zeller's plays so far because I find the premise of them boring, but there is something about The Truth now that it's at Wyndham's Theatre that really intrigues me. Unfortunately, I haven't managed to get around to catching it yet, but it's my current top play pick that I haven't seen so far and I can't wait to do so.

Alexander Hanson and Frances O'Connor star in Florian Zeller's The Truth at Wyndham's Theatre

4 - Groundhog Day (The Old Vic Theatre, until September 17th)
Tim Minchin - the mastermind behind Matilda - is back again with his new stage adaptation of the cult classic movie Groundhog Day. Minchin pens a new score for the Andy Karl-led tuner, a man who I saw in On The Twentieth Century on Broadway last year and absolutely loved. This show is bound to be spectacular and I cannot wait to see it for myself in September.

If you're thinking that this show looks awful from the advertisements that you've seen then you're totally correct. If I'm brutally honest, this show might have the ugliest and poorest advertisement campaign I have ever seen for a West End show, which is heartbreaking because the actual show itself is pretty bloody fantastic. This new sung-through musical is moving, original and fresh and is exactly what we need in the British original musical landscape. I hope people can see beyond the poor advertising scheme, though.

Sheridan Smith is back. Need I say any more?

1 - Into The Woods (Menier Chocolate Factory, until September 17th)*
Look, maybe I am biased because Into The Woods is my joint favourite musical of all time with Miss Saigon, but that very fact must show how much I adore Fiasco's reimagining of the Stephen Sondheim classic. I was unfortunate enough to be a few weeks too late to catch this show off-Broadway last year, so I'm delighted that it's now here in London in all its glory. This scaled down, raw revival of the classic is truly breathtaking and might be one of my favourite minimalist stagings I have ever seen. It's self-aware, laugh-out-loud funny and the "No One Is Alone" scene is so sad that my friend Savannah cried during it. Go and see it if you can get your hands on a ticket.

Vanessa Reseland and Emily Young star as The Witch and Rapunzel in Into The Woods at the Menier
Shows with a * next to them denote shows that I have already seen for myself and corresponding reviews will be linked in the titles. My Into The Woods review will be uploaded later today.

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