Guest Review: HAMILTON at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, NYC

If you haven't ever heard of Hamilton then I am seriously questioning where you have been for the past year or so. Currently only playing on Broadway, Hamilton is undeniably one of the biggest musicals of the past decade, and it's yet to have even run a year in New York. On Sunday night, the show picked up 11 Tony Awards in one of the most memorable awards ceremonies to date.

Truly, Deeply Inspiring: 2016 Tony Awards Reflection

It's nights like last night that remind me of the fact that people who know me online almost aren't aware at all that my true passion is to be on the stage as opposed to writing about it; experiences like last night fuel my drive and inspiration like nothing else. This year's Tony Awards saw the blockbuster smash Hamilton take home 11 Tony Awards including Best Musical.

TONY TALK #5 - Who Will Win, And Who Should (Tony Predictions)

It's almost impossible for someone who hasn't been to New York to see any of the shows make an accurate assessment on who will win... which is exactly why I thought it would be a great idea to do it. In fact, I pride myself on my knowledge of Broadway despite having not been there to see any of this season's shows so using my ability to devour a sh*t tonne of information via the internet on both critical and public opinions on Broadway this season, I've pulled together some ideas...

TONY TALK #4: The History of... The Tony Awards!

The most glamorous night in the American theatre calendar is the Tony Awards and this year is the 70th anniversary of the Tony Awards, being held this year at the Beacon Theatre. But the Tony Awards haven't always been that way. From 1997 to 2010, the ceremony was held annually at Radio City Music Hall, except from in 1999 when it was held at the Gershwin Theatre instead.

TONY TALK #3: The Top 10 Tony Performances of All Time

Like I said earlier on today, Tony performances have been my life line for experiencing theatre I have never been able to see for as long as I can remember. I have Tony performances to thank for helping me to discover some of my favourite shows like A Chorus Line, as well as helping me to discover forgotten legendary performances that I'm far too young to have ever seen.

TONY TALK #2: Snubs of this Season's Tony Awards

The most hard thing to do as someone who hasn't seen any of the shows on Broadway this season is to assess who was snubbed when it came to being nominated for a Tony Award; it's hard enough to make a judgement on who should win, so it's even harder to critique on who should have been nominated. But much like how I've compiled my list of predictions, I can base this list almost entirely on critical opinion and audience reception to their performances and it's a long one indeed.

TONY TALK #1: The Sound of the Season on Broadway

When it comes to musicals, we all know that there is nothing as delightful as hearing the cast album for a show that you cannot see for whatever reason. In this instance, we're talking about cast albums from this past Broadway season which, unless you have oodles of cash lying around, will simply have to be enjoyed through the medium of the cast albums.

Is Broadway now a diverse place, or is this just a lucky year?

With the Tony Awards taking place this evening, people are reflecting on the Broadway season that has passed by left, right and centre. As someone who is a huge fan of Broadway theatre and follows it as though I'm a sheep following my shepherd, it's been hard to not notice how wonderfully diverse this Broadway season has been in regards to race, sex and physical ability.

Surprisingly Spectacular: THE GO-BETWEEN at the Apollo

I know it's harsh to say it, but I thought I was going to hate The Go-Between from the moment it was announced late last year. Despite the fact I love Michael Crawford's iconic performance as The Phantom as well as when I saw him as the titular character in The Wizard of Oz a few years back, everything about this show screamed boring and mundane to me.