#SMMPick - Top 10 London Ticket Picks (W/C April 4th)

I asked on Twitter last week if people wanted to see a "London top tickets" list from me every Monday. With a resounding "yes", I introduce to you "#SMMPick": a new label I'll be putting to shows that I think are the best London theatre have to offer. Each Monday, I'll take these shows and other shows alike and rank them in a Top 10 list of what I think you should be seeing in London.

10 - The Phantom of the Opera*
Fresh from their Magic Radio Audience Award win at the Olivier Awards last night, I can only imagine the next week of performances are going to have a new breath of fresh air pumped into them. An already amazing show anyway, it's always worth a revisit - something I'm going to be doing in a fortnight!

9 - Kinky Boots*
Fresh from an even bigger award win last night, Kinky Boots took home the big prize of Best New Musical and with the incredible leading star Matt Henry winning the Best Actor in a Musical prize, the energy there tonight will be outstanding. A fantastic example of commercial, family theatre is exactly what Kinky Boots is and if you're a fan of that then go and catch it.

8 - The Maids
I'm yet to see this Uzo Aduba, Zawe Ashton and Laura Carmichael helmed revival of this Jean Genet classic, but friends and critics alike have told me of how good it really is; it's a genius interpretation. I can't wait to finally catch the show next month, but in the meantime, let me know how it is if you see it first.

7 - How The Other Half Loves
Packed with typical Alan Ackybourn humour, How The Other Half Loves boasts an incredible leading cast of actors in this classic gem of a play. I missed out on my press night invite, but I'll be sure to catch this one later in the run: it looks like a lot of fun.

6 - Billy Elliot*
After an incredible run of 11 years on the West End, the 2005 Olivier Award-winning Best Musical closes its doors at the Victoria Palace Theatre this Saturday evening (I'll be in attendance). I funnily only caught the show live on stage for the first time ever a fortnight ago and was blown away; it takes a good show to last so well after a decade of performances and this one still manages to retain its class. Whether it's your first time or your fiftieth, go and catch it one final time before it goes.

5 - Ma Rainey's Black Bottom*
Another one of last nights big winners is the National Theatre's acclaimed revival of August Wilson's Ma Rainey's Black Bottom. I didn't adore the piece, but this production is undeniably gorgeous with a stellar cast of fine, British actors. It's a production that seriously cannot be missed, even if you're only going to see the transcendent Sharon D Clarke perform on stage again.

4 - X
My new motto might well be "if it's been staged at the Royal Court then it must be good" and I'm hoping that's the case with their latest opening, X. I can't wait to (hopefully) catch the show later on in the run. Focusing on the story of a group of astronauts stuck on Pluto, this new play by Alistair McDowall looks like an absolute masterpiece.

3 - Nell Gwynn*
When I saw Nell Gwynn a few weeks ago, I fell in love. I'm elated that this incredible play was given the Best New Comedy Olivier Award last night as it is a show that truly deserves it; Gwynn is a play full of heart, grace and fantastic comedy. An amazing example of perfect comedic British theatre, run - don't walk - to catch this show, which is now in its final weeks.

2 - Sunset Boulevard*
I caught the revival of Sunset at the London Coliseum on Saturday and my breath was taken away. This is most definitely one of the most well-cast and solid revivals I have ever had the pleasure of seeing and with Glenn Close back as Norma Desmond, it's out of this world. I can't wait to be back there tonight at Press Night to catch it again - the best musical in London at the moment! (I'll post my review tomorrow morning).

1 - People, Places & Things*
But even though Sunset Boulevard might well be the best musical in London, People, Places & Things is most definitely the best play/show in general. After seeing the show from on-stage seats last week, I have been so deeply affected by both Denise Gough's Olivier Award-winning performance and the show's fantastic ability to be so honest (yet not uncomfortably so) that I cannot wait to get back in there in a few weeks time. A fantastic show that I cannot recommend enough: GO. SEE. IT.

* Shows with an asterisk are shows that I have seen; most titles with the asterisks next to them are links to my review of the said show.

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