This show is amazing? No Me Diga! IN THE HEIGHTS at the King's Cross Theatre

I adore anything that Lin-Manuel Miranda puts his mind to, much like the vast majority of the theatre loving community: I am head-over-heels obsessed with the Hamilton cast album and I can't wait for the new Disney movie scores to come from his as well because we all know how much I love Disney and especially how excited I am for Moana anyway. But before all of this magical work came from that man's genius brain, along came the 2008 Tony Award-winning Best Musical In The Heights.

Why THRILLER LIVE! (UK Tour) is really not what I'm looking for in a 'musical'

If you follow me on Twitter, you will probably already know that I walked out of the theatre the other night feeling thoroughly disappointed in what I'd just seen. The show in question was of course the Michael Jackson-inspired 'musical' THRILLER LIVE! that's been playing in London for over 6 years now and recently embarked on its second national tour since its permanent West End settlement.

Catch It Before It Goes: MEMPHIS at the Shaftesbury Theatre (Final Weeks!)

It's really rare that it takes me this long to get around to seeing a show: Memphis celebrated one year on the West End a fortnight ago and it was only last night that I finally got around to seeing it. I've had the cast recording playing for a good few years now and the London cast recording replaced that earlier this year when it was released, so it's pretty safe to say I was ready to finally put bum to seat this time around - but was the show really all I thought it was cracked up to be?

4 Shows I Want To Come Over from Broadway

Let's get real here: there are a lot more than 4 shows that I want to see make their West End debut, of course because I am a stupidly obsessed theatre fanatic who unfortunately doesn't have the funds to be able to regularly hop across the pond or to travel back in time and see shows that ran before I was born, but when I put pen to paper and made a list, these four were the first four that came to mind.

Theatre History: LES MIZ and the affect it has had on the theatre industry in the past 30 years

It seemed apt to talk about the 30th Anniversary of Les Miz today and the massive affect it has had on modern musical theatre; not only because of the history that I can remind you all of on this momentous day, but also because I started blogging thanks to the release of the film adaptation of the stage show. You can read the review here and even though it's awful, I created my blog in the first place just so I could share my love for the musical I'd geeked out over for as long as I can remember.