It'll Be Perfect! IT SHOULDA BEEN YOU at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre, NYC

Even though It Shoulda Been You is closing on the Great White Way next Sunday, let's take a moment to appreciate how much I enjoyed this show that I knew next to nothing about going in. I chose to see this show whilst in New York actually and I got my ticket the night before the show at the box office, all because the plans my Dad and I had fell through so I thought I'd spend my night on Broadway instead and it was the best decision I made on the entire trip.

All Aboard! ON THE TWENTIETH CENTURY at the American Airlines Theatre, NYC

For most, their favourite kinds of musicals are the funny ones. For me? My favourite kind of shows are the almost sung through operettas that exuberate classic Broadway musical theatre, and On The Twentieth Century is exactly one of those shows. It was originally produced on Broadway back in the 70s and verges on being an operetta with a score by Cy Coleman.

It's Hard to Be The Bard! SOMETHING ROTTEN! at the St. James Theatre, NYC

I love all types of musicals, of course I do, but funny musicals are the ones that I am most picky about. If I don't find the premise of the show funny or I just find the show generally corny then I'll find it hard to like the music as well and generally, the show will fall off of my radar. I saw Spamalot on tour a few months back and though I didn't despise the show by the end of it, it's definitely no where near the best I've ever seen and I doubt very much that I would go and see the show again.

Try and Tear Her Down! HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH at the Belasco Theatre, NYC

I know the music from Hedwig, but I wouldn't say I totally understood the foundation of the story until I saw the show. I automatically assumed it was just a series of snippets of her life pulled together to tell her story, but the actual final product is so creative and moving, yet hilarious that it took me aback; I fell in love with it even more than I thought I was going to anyway.