Catch It Before It Goes: Made in Dagenham

If you've followed me on Twitter for a long while (and if you haven't then why not!? You can do so here) then you'd know how truly excited I was when the news that Made in Dagenham the Musical was coming to the West End was announced... and then when opening night hit... and then when I saw the show... and so on; I'd been so excited for this show to hit the West End because of how much I adore the original British movie and how the topics it touched on.

Into The Woods: The movie that you've been missing all your life, and you didn't even know it

Into The Woods has played a role in my life for the past seven or so years when I first started to link Sondheim's works together and fall deeply in love with his masterpieces. I've been head over heels in love with fairy tales all my life and to discover this new twist on those tales with music by one of the greatest composers who has ever lived was pretty damn awesome.