Why "I Can't Sing" Shouldn't Have Closed

My friend Chaya and I booked our tickets to see I Can't Sing about a month into the show's run and were more than excited to see the show. I love the Palladium more than any other London theatre and I was more than excited to experience this very strange concept for a West End musical. Days before we went to see the show though, we found out that the show's run was being cut short and that the matinee performance we'd be attending that Saturday would be the show's last.

Not only is it heartbreaking to see a totally new musical shutter before the originally planned closing date, but it's also sad to see such sensations as Cynthia Erivo and the rest of the company be out of a job oh so suddenly. Chaya and I actually went to grab a Ben's Cookie before the show and an ensemble member came in to pick up an order and spoke about how she was lucky enough to have an audition for the London production of Memphis in the coming week - good for her! So, in honour of this show that I truly loved for so many funny reasons, I thought I'd share five reasons with you all on why I wish the show was still running to this day.

1 - Cynthia Friggin' Erivo
I have very little to say about this, other than my love for Cynthia Erivo. This woman is beautiful, insanely talented and hilarious. Hashtag incredible.

2 - The Fantastic Soundtrack
It breaks my heart that this show never got an Original London Cast Recording. I have spent so many Sunday afternoons scouring the internet for bootlegs of different songs. but it's near impossible to find all of them. The songs aren't musical theatre gold by any means, but they are wonderfully catchy and really funny. The kind of show tunes that you want to share with your friends in a bid to make them fall in love with the theatre... or is that strange?

3 - The Hilarious Gags
I'm not going to try and pretend that I actually watch or even enjoy The X Factor, but I used to watch it enough to understand and lol at all of the gags that were pulled in this show. I genuinely laughed out loud at this show on several occasions, and that is a rare occurrence.

4 - The Spellbinding Set
The Palladium is a massive theatre to fill from both a spectator's perspective and from a performer's perspective. Both of the times when I saw The Wizard of Oz a few years back, I felt cheated with how small the set was in comparison to the size of the stage. With this show though, the set was large, cutting edge, and very impressive. I'm a set nerd and this set was gorgeous.

5 - Frightfully Family Friendly
I was totally baffled when I heard about this show closing because I seriously thought it was one of the most accessible shows running on the West End at the time. Never mind the global success of The X Factor in recent years, but pretty much everyone in Britain knows about The X Factor. The stage door and the theatre was literally filled with Brits from up and down the country and with such accessible ticket prices as well, I'm so surprised that it didn't end up being such a family friendly/tourist hit.

I genuinely loved this show when I saw it and I wish that it was still running so that I could drag other friends along for a Friday night laugh. Let's just hope that Simon Cowell decides that he'll broadcast a live TV version in the very near future. "I Can't Sing" The Musical? It's a yes from me.

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