Shaun's Top 100 Show Tunes (100-91)

I was sitting around planning out blog posts the other day and a fantastic idea for a blog post series came to mind: a mini Friday playlist of ten of my favourite songs from the shows! Of course, this countdown isn't totally accurate in all places. I did start with a list of over 200 songs that I really like from the shows, but I slowly had to reduce that to 100 as I ranked them - some poor shows don't even show up in the final list at all! Regardless, every Friday you can check out another ten show tunes and hopefully, you'll enjoy them as much as I do!

Why "I Can't Sing" Shouldn't Have Closed

My friend Chaya and I booked our tickets to see I Can't Sing about a month into the show's run and were more than excited to see the show. I love the Palladium more than any other London theatre and I was more than excited to experience this very strange concept for a West End musical. Days before we went to see the show though, we found out that the show's run was being cut short and that the matinee performance we'd be attending that Saturday would be the show's last.